How To Begin

Welcome to my studio, where each Storyteller Crystal™ comes to life. Together, we will create one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to your life, your memories, your stories. I specialize in memorial work and intentional work. Did you lose something or someone you want to carry with you? Do you want to call an energy—prosperity, self-love, courage, et cetera—into your life? That’s the goal of my craft: to give you mementos to help you remember to honor yourself.

This site houses a catalogue of all of the inclusions I often have on hand. That way, if you’re looking for ideas for your bespoke Storyteller Crystal™, you have a palette to start with! Use the Categories at the bottom of this site and the Common Topics at the top of the Inclusions page to discover items that might inspire you! You can alsojust ask me to come up with options to choose from, too; it’s up to you. When you’re ready, send me a message on Instagram, or contact me.

Lux Memoria is absolutely fantastic. I commissioned her for two pieces, one for my mom and one for my wife. We discussed their purposes and she truly hit it out of the park. My mom and my wife absolutely loved their gifts. She makes truly stunning pieces of art that anyone would love.

Jon Greco

After losing my Charlie on 9/26/18, I was broken. I reached out and had my mementos made. They mean the world to me and my Charlie is with me always. Thank you for a beautiful and comforting way to
keep his memory alive.

Diane Meyer Seeley Salyer