The ninth rune—and the leader of the second aett—of the Elder Futhark. ⁣It is the rune of change. Those familiar with tarot cards will find Tower energy here: Hagalaz is the necessary change. It breaks patterns and helps learn unlearned lessons. It is self-reflective and as healing as it is deeply uncomfortable. It represents the divine spark within devastation; the difficult storm to weather before clearer journeys. It is the first rebellion. Hagalaz is powerful for self-growth and shadow work. It is culturally linked (though not attested) with the goddess Hel. 


True onyx is a black chalcedony, though onyx as a word is sometimes also applied to black agate. Onyx is a stone known for its ability to transform negativity, whether that’s to destress, support grief, or turn bad habits into new routines. It fosters fortitude and discipline. ⁣⁣