Garnet has been known for thousands of years. In Greek mythology, it is named for pomegranate seeds, and so it’s not only associated with the story of Persephone and Hades, but was also sacred to Hera, goddess of marriage! Garnet has a legacy with relationships and sexuality as a result. It’s considered an intense stone of willpower and vitality—but not only that confidence and charisma, but the ability to share of oneself and be generous as a result.


The seventh rune of the first aett of the Elder Futhark. ⁣It is the rune of gifts; both giving and receiving. It’s generosity and hospitality — but also reciprocity and equality. It tells us to give our money to raise our dignity; to give our gifts to be connected. It’s the rune of connection and integration, yes, but also of boundaries, of making sure all parties benefit separately or together. It’s for contracts, the agreements between two parties. It’s interaction and balance. For these reasons, though unrelated to the rune poem, some people also use this rune for sex and relationship work. I have also found it useful in unlearning codependence habits.