The fifteenth rune of the Elder Futhark. Algiz speaks of that which has the ability to harm, but doesn’t inflict harm unless it is harmed first. It is linked with dangerous plants as well as sacred deer and the Valkyrie swans. It is the rune of protection. It may ask us to get ready; to listen and gain awareness for a better sense of where we stand and how to act as a result. It asks us for bravery in the face of fear and faith in whatever higher power guides us—be that divine or intuitive. Algiz reminds us that we are on the right path, but that the act of being present on the path is different than just seeing it. ⁣


The eleventh rune of the Elder Futhark. ⁣It is the rune of stillness. After the stress of Nauthiz, Isa asks us to pause and consider. We have a lake of ice in front of us. Take precautions to cross it well to prevent drowning. Or wait and have patience and the lake will thaw. It’s a rune of reflection, meditation, solitude; it’s a rune for temperance, preservation, and preparation. It shows itself when we must not rush, but instead align ourselves with what is within and without and adjust accordingly so that when the right time arises, we are ready. It is culturally linked (though not attested) with the goddess Skadi of the winter mountains and the mindful hunt.